General Information

School Hours

School hours are from 8:50am to 3:30pm.  Students gather before school in the Junior playground where there is teacher supervision from 8:30am, we ask that students do not arrive before this time for their own safety.  At 8:50am the bell rings and students assemble in their classes to begin the day.

Break and lunch times

Morning break and snack: 11:00am – 11:30am

Lunch: 1:30pm – 2:30pm

Children who arrive after 9:00am should report to the office to register their arrival.

School Uniform

School uniforms are available for order or purchase from the uniform shop on Tuesday between 8:30am and 9:30am and Thursday between 3:00pm and 4:00pm.  The uniform shop can be found in the school hall. Please click here to download a current order form.

Parent Involvement

At St Vincent de Paul Primary School we have a strong commitment to nurturing positive partnerships between home and school so as to build a healthy, energised and supportive community. Our school is blessed with a variety of parent groups and opportunities for parents to be involved.  Details of several groups follow. If you wish to volunteer to assist in the classroom or on excursions, it is a legal requirement that all volunteers must have a Working With Children check.  Application forms are available online at .

Parish Education Board

The Parish Education Board consists of the Parish Priest, Principal, Teacher Representative, 6 elected parents and a nominated representative from the following Support Groups – Parents Association, School Maintenance, Family Support and Hall Committee.  This group is the central representative body of the School Community.  In consultation with the Parish Priest and Principal it assists in the decision making process.

The aims of the Parish Education Board are:

  •  To advise in a spirit of co-operation, the Parish Priest and School Principal regarding the operation of the School. The Board’s function is to make recommendations, in an advisory capacity.
  • To co-operate with the Principal and Staff to ensure the proper functioning of the school.
  • To be actively involved in the on going development of the School as a successful Catholic Educational Institution.
  • To ensure that its members are given opportunities to grow in awareness of their role of ministry, co-responsible with others in the School to make the values of the gospel lived and seen to be lived.

Parents Association

The Parents Association consists of a group of parents who plan for the social and fundraising activities at the school. The Parents Association plays an important role at St Vincent’s Primary as the funds they raise help to improve the facilities and resources available at our school.  Please visit the School Community section for more information about the Parents Association and how you can become involved.

Family Support Group

The Family Support Group under the authority and guidance of the School Principal provides sensitive care and support to families in need including families in crisis and illness.

Examples of involvement are :

  • Occasional Cooking (sick parent / child)
  • Recognition and supporting families in times of crisis
  • Welcoming and inducting new families into our school communities
  • Organising support groups in the area of need

Please contact the school office on 03 9379 5723 for further information.

Hall Committee

The school / parish hall is a well resourced and maintained facility that is available for hire and general school and parish community usage. The day to day running of this area is managed by a small sub committee of volunteers that make up the Hall Committee. Their role includes:

  • Managing the care and up keep of the hall
  • Run bookings of hall usage
  • Operate accounts relating to the hall

To make a hall booking please email Georgia Fabbri at the following address:  or call on 0417 558 372.


Animals on Parish Grounds Policy

St Vincent de Paul Primary acknowledges the importance that pets play in our community.We also acknowledge our obligation to take all reasonable precautions to protect the safety of all staff, students and other members of the school community who may be exposed to potential harm or injury as a result of their contact with animals on the school and parish grounds. As such dogs and other animals are not permitted on Parish Grounds or at school events.

For further details regarding our Policy on Dogs & Other Animals on Parish Grounds please click HERE.

Out of School Hours Care

The Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) Program will be available at St Vincent de Paul Primary School and will  delivered by YMCA Chidrens Services. This service is available before school from 7am – 8:30am, and after school from 3.30pm – 6pm. Families should complete and sign an enrolment form.
Please visit the OSCHC page in the School Community section for more information.


Complaints & Grievance Policy

St Vincent De Paul Primary School is committed to providing a safe and supportive working and learning environment for all members of the school community. To achieve this the school fosters trusting and cooperative relationships where regular, open and constructive communication between all stakeholders is encouraged. The school acknowledges that misunderstandings and differences of opinion may occur from time to time and that these need to be resolved in a satisfactory manner for all parties. St Vincent De Paul Primary School has developed a framework for resolving parent, guardian (parent) or student complaints and grievance (complaints) in a dignified and respectful manner.

Please click here to view policy

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy details what the school does with information provided to or collected by it to support children in their learning. The policy explains the type of information the school collects, the storage of this and the purpose for which this information is used.

Please click here to view Privacy Policy

Further Information

If the information you are after cannot be found here, please download a copy of our Information Handbook

ICT Forms

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