At St Vincent de Paul, we understand that mathematics is an integral part of our everyday life and is not something that only happens in the classroom.  Our numeracy program provides our students with opportunities to play, construct, describe, explain and analyse their mathematical thinking and understanding.

Our well-planned curriculum leads the students through the important mathematical concepts of Number, Geometry, Measurement, Statistics and Probability.  We use formal and diagnostic assessments to collect data about our students’ knowledge and understanding which allows us to target their needs and monitor their progress over time.

Our students are motivated to “love maths” through active and relevant activities that are differentiated to allow all students to feel and achieve success.  We pride ourselves on our ability to create units of work that use pre-assessment data to guide our planning which ensures that we are targeting our students’ challenges and abilities.  Our “Essential Learnings” guide each unit of work with learning intentions and success criteria within lessons that keep the learning visible and clear for our students.

During the Junior years, our students learn the language of mathematics and begin to see it everywhere in the world around them.  The students are engaged in hands-on learning through games, manipulatives and real life connections.  Through the Middle and Senior years, our students apply these connections and build upon numeracy concepts to develop their procedural and problem-solving thinking, while also deepening their understanding by making connections between concepts.