Physical Education

The Physical Education program at St Vincent de Paul aims to develop skills and behaviours within a healthy, fun and safe environment in order to promote lifelong participation in physical activity. The development of self-confidence, positive attitudes, fundamental motor skills and an understanding of the importance of physical activity supports the overall education and wellbeing of our students.

Fundamental motor skills – coordination, balance, ball skills, whole body skill development – are taught in a sequential program throughout the seven years at  St Vincent’s.

The Foundation – Yr 2 program focuses on individual skill development. And the Yr 3 – Yr 6 program encourages skills improvement in specific sporting drills, thereby providing the opportunity to  develop confidence in using these skills within game situations.   

Each year, St Vincent’s celebrates the sporting spirit of all our students with House Swimming and Athletics Carnivals.

Students in Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 are given opportunities to participate in School Sport Victoria programs for individual competitions, such as athletics, cross country running and swimming carnivals.

Students in Year 5 and Year 6 also participate in the School Sport Victoria program for team sports competitions. Winter sports programs include netball, soccer, football and T-ball. Summer sports Gala Days include cricket, volleyball, softball and short tennis.

The participation in interschool sports provides a sense of belonging by being part of a team or group that represents the school. Students are able to interact with their peers, and to practise mutual respect and cooperation. Resilience is acquired through the highs and lows of being part of a  team. These interactions facilitate bonding and lasting friendships with classmates, which can help students become more sociable and confident, in the sporting situations and in other areas of their life.